Welcome to Barre & Moon! We are happy to have you in our family. This isn’t your average gym or fitness studio. This is a community where people gather each day to improve their mental and physical health. We are here to support you: mind, body, and spirit. Each of us is like the moon: we cycle through phases all the time. We are always growing and changing. Some days, we are “full” and bright, and other days maybe we’re feeling a bit lost. Every step in the cycle is beautiful, important and necessary, and this community is here to help support you!

Our classes are low impact and safe for all ages, body types and fitness backgrounds. Each class includes built-in modifications and multiple levels. When you walk through the front door, you will feel warmly welcomed. Each of our instructors, and clients as well, encourage one another to challenge themselves in a safe way, learning to really make mind-body connections and listening to what your body is telling you. Our classes incorporate strength, endurance, flexibility, and most importantly mindfulness and happiness.

“I have always been fascinated by the moon and its phases; each one as lovely as the last. Just as the moon cycles through it's phases, so do we. There is no real “end result” the reality is that we are constantly moving and changing, evolving into different versions of our self. Health and fitness has always been a passion for me, and I can honestly say in my past I totally believed in the “end result” I even strived for it, but after having my son the way I see and appreciate my body has greatly shifted. I have so much more love and respect for my body and a deeper understanding of what it is capable of. Barre & Moon is more than just four walls surrounding a physical workout. It is a community of strong individuals working through a continuous cycle of self love and acceptance.”

- creator, Chelsea Boucher

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